Программа стипендий Вексельберга В.Ф. в Колледже Шварцмана при Университете Цинхуа в Пекине

Vekselberg’s Fellowship in Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University in Beijing for young leaders

Schwarzman Scholars Launches Application for Fifth Cohort


This system of grants is implemented in the framework of a highly selective, fully funded scholarship program, based at the distinguished Tsinghua University in Beijing*, designed to build a global community of young leaders in business, political and civil society who can effectively serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world.

Schwarzman Scholars brings together the best young minds from around the world to explore and study the economic, political and cultural factors that have contributed to China’s rising importance as a global power. Scholars earn a one-year Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing and gain an intimate understanding of China through academic, cultural and professional immersion. Each cohort is comprised of 40% U.S. students, 20% Chinese students, and 40% from the rest of the world. The curriculum focuses on three core themes: leadership, global affairs, and China, and is taught by Tsinghua faculty as well as outstanding visiting faculty from leading universities around the world.

Through the support of the Renova Foundation and its Founder Mr. Vekselberg, this highly selective fellowship program is fully-funded for participants from Russia, including travel costs and a personal stipend. The Program is aimed to support up to 200 Scholars annually including up to two students from Russia.

Vekselberg’s fellowship in Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University aims to achieve the mentioned above goals by

(1) recruiting promising young leaders from Russia, people who have the ambition and talent to take on executive roles in government, civil society or business

(2) educate them about China’s global role via a one-year Master’s in global affairs at Tsinghua

(3) link them to senior mentors in their field in China and to their peers among China’s rising young leaders.

It is an unparalleled introduction to China and its role in the world.

A Vekselberg’s Scholar should demonstrate extraordinary leadership potential and interpersonal skills, the ability and initiative to anticipate and act on emerging opportunities, strong intellectual capacity, and exemplary character.

The recipients of a Fellowship are to build a professionally diverse cohort each year, and welcome undergraduates/graduates and young professionals up to age 28 from any field who can articulate how the experience in China will help to develop their skills as leaders.

We expect the largest number of applications from fields and professions including but certainly not limited to economics, political science, sociology, history, business, public policy, international studies, environmental studies, energy, health, climate, urban studies, trade and others.

This summer the Program will graduate its third cohort, resulting in a global alumni base of 368 future leaders. They will join a dynamic alumni program based on the same themes that shape the curriculum, developed in close collaboration with partners including leading global think tanks and the Rhodes Trust. Those programs extend the Schwarzman Scholars’ learning experience; connect them with influential leaders in business, technology, policy, and government; and deepen their relationships with each other as a network who will shape the future direction of China’s relations in the world.

The Program has quickly become one of the most prestigious graduate fellowships, with an admission rate as competitive as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford in the U.S. We welcome applicants up to age 28 who have demonstrated leadership qualities, have completed or will soon complete an undergraduate degree, and are fluent in English. Mandarin language skills are not required for admission.

The most successful applicants are young people who have already demonstrated the ability to lead and drive results in their respective fields and communities. To access the application and learn more about requirements please visit the Schwarzman Scholars website www.schwarzmanscholars.org. Applications from U.S. and international candidates must be submitted by September 26, 2019. (The deadline for candidates who hold passports from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao is May 31st.) More than 400 finalists will be invited to an in-person interview in Beijing (July 13th), Bangkok (October 25th), London (October 30th), or New York (November 4th) and will be notified of their acceptance in mid-November 2019.

Applications for 2020/2021 are now open.

For more information on the Fellowship, please feel free to access the following resources:

- For a schedule of webinars and campus presentations, please visit website

- Watch the video introduction and a video on the student experience

- Read this profile in the New York Times, and the full brochure

- Learn more about the scholars including students from Russia


You can ask your questions regarding the scholarship using these contacts:

Olga Bashkirova, CEO

Charitable foundation “RENOVA”

Tel: +7 (495) 720 49 99 (5726)


115184 Moscow, Russia, Malaya Ordynka str., 40


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