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The help is needed to Boris Belkin

Dear friends and colleagues, online fund raising in favor of Boris is open!

Boris Belkin


Born in 1997, Boris is a student of the 11th form of a special secondary boarding school for visually impaired persons with health limitations. Boris is a lively young man, resistant to his illness and supporting other children with the same diagnosis.

At the age of six he was diagnosed with mucoviscidosis (a serious genetic visceral disease which mostly afflicts the respiratory system) after he underwent two difficult surgeries that removed two thirds of his lung.

For Boris to live a full life and study, he has to undergo in-patient treatment every 3 months involving an intensive course of antibiotics, besides he has to take daily medicines to make his inner organs function properly, inhalation, drainage and respiratory exercises.

The disease is incurable but timely and efficient therapy will make Boris feel better and live until middle age.

The young man is observed by medics of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Filatov Children’s Clinic and the Pulmonology Research Institute of City Hospital 57.

His in-patient treatment in Russia is only possible once a year based on national quota. After a patient comes of age, the number of government-paid treatment courses for this disease reduces dramatically.

Due to an aggravating disease and progressive respiratory failure, Boris needs further treatment and diagnostics in the mucoviscidosis center of the HiMedical Center (Tel Aviv).

Thanks to donations of employees of Renova Group of Companies within "Private donations Program", the medical examination, air tickets for Boris and his accompanying parent, translation and interpretation services, and accommodation during the examination were paid.

We opened fundrising on our Fund’s site and the page on Facebook in favor of Boris Belkin. You can make a donation by means of the bankcard, payment systems (Yandex Purse, Qiwi) or to make a donation using our Fund’s account details with a purpose of payment "a charitable donation on Boris Belkin's treatment". In addition, it is possible to send the link to your friends and colleagues.

The amount of contribution to cover the costs of Boris’s examination and related expenses TOTALLED 5 120$

As the supporting therapy with use of expensive preparations is constantly necessary for the boy collecting donations on its treatment proceeds.

We very much hope to support Borya's family and to help with rehabilitation!